Who Suzie is ......

OSCAR and Bafta nominated Suzie has an enthusiastic passion for design.  She works with a huge energy and thoroughly enjoys the process of film making.  Her designs compliment the story telling process and with her clever use of the budget she produces interesting and versatile sets and spaces.

Starting of as a model maker and sculptor in the 90's, and then as an Art Director on and off camera, her route through the art department has given her fantastic opportunities and experience which enhance her vision as a Production Designer.  Working in varied genres - drama to comedy and horror to dance, and for varying budgets any project is taken on with relish.  At home or abroad Suzie enjoys working with crews from all over the world.  She is a valued, supportive and collaborative member of any production team.

She has given talks and masterclasses at various FIlm Schools, has lectured at the The National Gallery on the Depiction of Colour in Film and is a mentor for Production Design winners of the Watersprite Film Festival. 

What people said .......

"kudos to Suzie Davies, our production designer,” cheers Caro. “Just from looking at her images, I knew she absolutely got it: the femininity, the exoticism. She and I shared a very big vision that was kind of bigger than the budget. But we kept it on budget. Suzie pre-scouted in Europe for me, and I met her in Prague, and she took me to an abandoned, neglected exhibition park in the middle of the city. We stood there in this broken-up place, and she said, ‘I think we can build a zoo here. And this will be where the villa is.’ And she walked me through where all the cages would be. She made it happen.

Niki Caro - Director 

'I can't believe what you have pulled off with the resources that were allocated.  Your talent has given the film scale, beauty, period detail and has brought history believably to life.'

G Lowe - Producer Peterloo 

'What an extraordinary job you did.  You are very, very clever and, I know it is an overused phrase, but we really couldn't have done it without you.  A visual treat  

Sally Woodward-Gentle - Producer 

' I love love love what you have done so far Suzie. MD3 looks amazing: it has cinematic scale, atmosphere, detail, and Ive just seen the photos of the lodge.  I am simply knocked out by everything I've seen in the rushes and assemblies so far 

S Mackie - Producer 

'You and your team achieved the most extraordinary results on a tight budget, and I have never known such a team combine such talent and creative design with such brilliant organisation and control together with enormous amounts of laughter '

J Richardson - Producer 

What the reviews said .....

Mr Turner

'Greatly helping the characters' reality is the films meticulous production design by Suzie Davies' 

LA Times May 2014

'The Production design, too, is near perfect, with Turner's London home as lived-in as any of Leigh's contemporary characters'

Empire Online May 2014

'Leigh and his brilliant Production Designer and DP Dick Pope have bottled and put up on screen nothing less than the palette and light of Turner's paintings; the viewer is literally bathed in them'

Huffingtonpost.com Oct 2014

'Leigh's world building is immaculate: abetted by Suzie Davies' extraordinary production design'

Hitflix May 2014

The Zookeepers Wife

'The Zookeeper’s Wife is smoothly made, with assured contributions from DP Andrij Parekh and production designer Suzie Davies.'

Hollywood Reporter March 2017

'Suzie Davies’ stunning production design'

Film Journal International March 2017

'Production designer Suzie Davies' recreation of the ghettos is striking.'

List Film April 2017

'The production design evokes the period perfectly.'

HuffPost March 2017

The Children

'Beautiful but understated art direction adds to the menace, and compliments the eventual turn in events by becoming a touch more delirious once the horror begins' 

QuietEarth Dec 2008